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2021 Revolution Finale IV is coming up in a few weeks!

The 2021 Revolution Finale IV is coming up and you still have time to get qualified. We will have $20,000 added money and prizes to give away this year. Just would like to say, we feel blessed to still be serving you after a few challenging years and we have come into the present time with a renewed spirit and tenacity that would rival anything. We hope to put that on display for you in Texarkana and inspire you as well!

A few logistics. We have 2 sanctioned races left for 2021 (go to the schedule here to see flyers) and a last chance qualifier on the Friday evening before the Finale starts on Saturday (see Finale info) so you still have time to get qualified. Anyone can run in the Friday race but to qualify for Saturday, you have to purchase RBR membership.

I am putting the finishing touches on the Finale information this week and the entry forms will go up next Tuesday on our website and they will be emailed to the email you put on your membership forms. We may be reaching out if the email comes back, but if you don't hear from us or recieive it by the end of next week, reach out to me by email at

I will be posting everything to our Revolution Barrel Racing Facebook group and page so you can always go there to see info and updates at any time. During the Finale, I will communicate through our Facebook group and Finale Facebook event so be sure and click going and join the group.

Stall and RV spots will be reserved by the Facility 870.773.2941 and you will be required to have negative coggins (within a year) and a current Health Certificate for all animals if you are coming in from out of state (Texarkana is in the state of Arkansas). Our host hotel is the Hampton Inn - Texarkana 870.774.4267

We will have vendors. Revolution Rose Boutique, KL Competitive Edge PEMF, and MVP - Leticia Hairgrove, plus all our sponsors will have spots. Get your vendor forms in if you want to come set up. I will be doing a vendor giveaway this year. The prize will be really good so be sure and get the paper and go around to all our vendors and check out what they have to offer.

If your still reading this I am grateful. LOL! More info coming soon so stay with me and pass on the word that our blog and the Facebook group contains the nuts and bolts.

More soon!


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How much will the stalls cost contestants?

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