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(Barrel) Racing into 2021

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

We made it 2021! And everyone is cheering cuz 2020 lol. Does anyone say lol anymore? Anyway below is a picture from 2020. The lady on the left, Elizabeth Sbrusch, won a horse trailer load of money and prizes at our 2020 Finale and she had tears in her eyes as she was being interviewed by Katelyn McCleod after her big win! This photo makes me smile remembering her excitement when she realized all she had won.

If you haven't heard, we just approved a new $5,000 added sanctioned race with Angie Moore at CBT Productions that will take place March 13-14, 2021 in Amarillo, Texas. Here is the link to learn more and enter!

Have you made goals for 2021? Its not too late. Research shows that putting them down on paper and breaking it down by steps can almost guarantee your success in reaching goals. Highly recommend a High Performance Planner by Brendan Burchard for keeping on track daily/weekly. I've used that one and love it. Also I love Chalene Johnson's Push Journal to help me stay on track.

Cheers my friend to 2021 and the start of new and exciting things for you in your barrel racing career and in life in general. This is your first daily dose of encouragement!


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