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General Rules

1. Horse Substitution

You may substitute a horse in this barrel race, however, if the horse is already entered you cannot change draw position or run the horse in the same race twice. Any horse substitution must be made with the show secretary, in writing or using the online Change form before the first horse runs in your race.

2. Rider Substitution

Any rider substitution/change must be made with the show secretary, in writing using the change form before the first horse runs in your race.

3. Selling a Run

Selling a run is not allowed. You have to draw out completely or scratch your run on site. 

4. Check-In

Upon your arrival, you must check-in at the entry office at all races to make sure we don't need anything additional from you.

5. Stalls

Stalls will vary at each facility. The show flyer will serve as the official info source for stall and rv spots.

6. Dress Code for ALL RBR Races

All contestants at RBR Events are required to be in full dress code during competition. Contestants must wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, Western Hat (minimum 2 1/2" brim), and cowboy boots or equestrian sport shoes. Caps are not permitted.  Helmets are not required but all contestants are encouraged to wear one. During extreme heat or cold dress code may be waved but it will be posted prior to event on website, FB, and at event. 

7. Sportsmanship

All contestants and their family members are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times. No level of abuse toward any animal at this event will be allowed. No foul language, misconduct, or abusive comments spoken to any contestant, spectator, staff member, or arena personnel will be tolerated and will result in immediate contestant disqualification and no refund of entry fees. Contestants are also responsible for traveling companions and their family members.

8. Photos and a Video

Revolution Barrel Racing,LLC photographs and videotapes each contestant’s individual run. These photos/videos are the property of Revolution Barrel Racing Productions and decisions made by Revolution Barrel Racing,LLC management as a result of viewing photos and/or video are final.

9. Fines

Fines must be paid in advance of competition at any event.  Failure to pay fines/fees due will result in a hold being placed on winnings and the contestant will be placed on the ineligible list. Fines will include being a no show and not paying fees. 

10. Returned Checks

There is a $50 service charge on all returned checks from the bank, for any reason. A check must be replaced with cash, a cashier’s check, or money order within 10 days after the check is dated.  We will proscecute hot check writer's. 

11. Dogs

Dogs must be on a leash at all times.

12. Vendors

Vendor Forms are available on the website. There shall be no selling of any type of merchandise or professional service on the arena grounds, in stalls, or at trailers without a vendor contract with Revolution Barrel Racing, LLC. Vendor forms are available at

13. Turn Out Rules

Contestant shall identify themselves to the Entry Gate Person and be in the holding area five horses before their run. The Entry Gate Person will be located next to the alleyway going into the arena. Contestant's name will be called by the Entry Gate Person three times, if the contestant is not in the arena by the third call, they will be disqualified. Only one horse may be in the alleyway at any time. Remember the three official calls come from the Announcer not Entry Gate Person. 

14. Time Begins

Any time a contestant crosses the starting line, the time will begin.

15. No Time

A "No Time" will be given to the contestant for the following reasons:

•    If the contestant "circles" their horse after entering the arena. (Definition of the Arena is past the plane of the alley)
•    If the contestant breaks or misses the barrel pattern.
•    If a contestant knocks over a barrel. A "no time" will also be given if a barrel is knocked over and it sets up again on either end. Touching a barrel, including keeping it from falling, is permitted without penalty.
•    If the contestant's horse or rider falls during the run in such a manner as to break the pattern, or if the rider falls off the horse after entering past the plane of the alley
•    If a horse stops forward motion.

16. Time Limit

If a contestant is in the holding pen and attempts to enter the arena, but is unable to get the horse down the alleyway the gateman, after the second call, will give the rider 60 seconds to enter the arena. At the end of 60 seconds if the horse has not broken the plane at the end of the alleyway into the area the rider will be disqualified. (The reason for this rule is the safety of the contestant, the other contestants in the holding area and the employees.)

18. Horse and Rider Rule

Contestants may run any horse, regardless of ownership, but a horse can only be run once in each race.

19. Horses in Arena/Alley

Only one horse may be in the arena at any time during competition. (The reason for this rule is the safety of the contestant. Accidents can occur where the assisting horse gets in front of the contestant horse and the contestant horse then decides to go and runs into the assisting horse.)

A horse can be assisted to the mouth of the alley, but persons on foot are not allowed in the alley or the arena once the horse and rider have entered.  There will be no whipping of a horse from the ground in the holding pen area or alley entrance.

20. Re-Runs

Re-runs shall be granted if the official and backup timer both fail to work properly unless a barrel has been turned over resulting in a no-time. If the barrels are not placed properly on their markers, a re-run shall also be granted without any penalties being applied; however, any penalty occurring on the re-run shall result in a no time.

21. Training in Arena

Contestants who are given a "no time,” either for breaking the pattern or knocking down a barrel, may complete the pattern. However, show management may, at its discretion, ask a rider who is taking excessive time to train to leave the arena.

22. Fastest Run Possible

Contestants must attempt to make the fastest run possible. Any obvious attempt to "pull up" or pace their run may result in disqualification.

23. Prizes must be picked up at the race.

24. Payout Requirements

To receive your money, we must have a W9 on file.

25. Disqualifications

Any act deemed prejudicial to the best interests of Revolution Barrel Racing, LLC may result in the disqualification of the contestant, with no refund of entry fees. The contestant may also be placed upon the "ineligible" list for Revolution Barrel Racing, LLC. These acts may include but are not limited to the following:

• Using abusive or intemperate language or attempting to threaten, bribe, influence, or harass any contestant, spectator, staff member, or Arena Personnel. Also, any remarks made with the intent to cast aspersions on the character or integrity of a Revolution Barrel Racing,LLC staff member or management member.
• Moving or attempting to move markers at any time.
• Use of electronic and/or remotely controlled devices to alter the outcome of a run.
• Abuse of a horse in any way either on the ground or in the saddle. No Whipping a horse from the ground by a bystander.
• Abuse of an animal in the show arena and/or evidence that an act of abuse has occurred prior to or during the exhibition of a horse in the competition
• Competing while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
• Misidentifying a horse in any Revolution Barrel Racing, LLC Barrel Race class.
• Misidentifying a rider in any Revolution Barrel Racing, LLC Barrel Race class.
• Other conduct that is not in the best interest of Revolution Barrel Racing LLC., or its contestants.
• Failure to make good on a returned check to the Revolution Barrel Racing,LLC or to any other association which has a cooperative agreement with Revolution Barrel Racing Productions on the returned checks.
• The Revolution Barrel Racing Management at their sole discretion shall have the authority to disqualify or deny entry to any horse they deem dangerous to the rider, or to other individuals, animals or property.

26. Safety

Safety is a prime objective at every barrel race we produce.

27. Rules

The management of Revolution Barrel Racing, LLC reserves the right to create any new rule, or modify any existing rule, in order to better the sport or this barrel race at any time. Please note that the rules appearing on the boards at the event take precedence over the web site and any other postings.

28. Postponement of Event

Revolution Barrel Racing, LLC reserves the right to postpone any barrel race due to a natural or manmade disaster. We do not like to put these conditions on any event but feel it is not fair if only a small percentage of barrel racers can attend. Any monies collected will be refunded. If any event is postponed, we will reschedule it for a future date if possible.

29. Revolution Barrel Racing, LLC Draw Out Policy

You may draw out of the race before the postmark deadline for entries close for any reason. After the postmark deadline for entry passes, you may DRAW OUT with a VET OR DOCTOR RELEASE ONLY up until the race starts. Noitify the office and send an email to and attach the DR/VET release.  You will receive 75% of your entry fees back. Anyone not following these exact rules to draw out will  be a scratch and forfeit any money in entry fees for that race. After the race starts, there will be no draw outs accepted.  You may substitute a horse if yours is injured or not able to compete for whatever reason.

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