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We are proud to be aligned with the WCRA! Click the logo to nominate any of our races.

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A little about us

Encouraging and inspiring is what we do! From barrel racers, to producers, family, sponsors, and vendors...We have made it our mission inspire everyone in this community through education, events, actions, and the people who help us carry out this mission.  Get a daily dose of inspo on our social @revolutionbarrelracing on all channels and join our Facebook group above to get the inside scoop and see what is going on!


Updates for 2021: We are moving towards partnering with other producers and sanctioning all of our qualifier barrel races. Producers all over the US (if approved) are able to sanction their barrel race as a qualifier. We actually pay you to host a Qualifier!! If you are interested please reach out to me at

RBR Membership is special! It allows you to become part of our community, to compete in any Revolution Barrel Race, RBR Produced or Sanctioned RBR Race as well as the Revolution Barrel Racing Finale!  We are also working on get special discounts with our sponsors for our members.

I am so dang glad you are here.  Barrel racing is the best sport on earth.  And you are a winner no matter what level you are on!

See you at a race soon ~ Stephanie

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