2020 RBR Rules

 Revolution Barrel Racing Finale III




New for 2020!!  To qualify for the 2020 Finale, all contestants must have a current year membership and have entered 1 race during our 2020 season. Our intentions here are to simplify barrel racing as much as possible. Therefore we will have a Future Champs 10&under, 2D, 4D, and 5D barrel races with incentives. To enter any 2020 RBR races a membership is required. Memberships are $60. There will be no other fees (i.e. office/processing fees) charged for the 2020 season.  (If you pay by credit card we will add a convenience fee of 4%). For Sanctioned races, to have your entry count for the Finale, you must enter 1 race and have a current membership. 

DRESS CODE: All Contestants will be required to be in dress code at all RBR races including sanctioned races.

RBR FUTURE CHAMPS: (age 10 & under) This race is designed for TRUE BEGINNERS - Contestant cannot be entered in any other race. The entry fee is $30 and will be run in a 3D format with 90% payback. EXAMPLE: 15.0(1D) 16.0 (2D) 17.0 (3D)

RBR 2D: All RBR produced races will have a 2D Race that has a $200 entry fee and ½ second splits. RBR will pay back 80% of entry fees.  EXAMPLE: 15.0 (1D) 15.5 (2D)

RBR 4D: 4D Race.  $100 entry fee. RBR will pay back 80% of entry fees. ½ second splits. EXAMPLE: 15.0 (1D), 15.5 (2D), 16.0 (3D), 16.5 (4D)

There will be incentives for the 4D including: Senior (50 & over) & Junior (18 & under) with a fee of $100. There will also be a 2D with a full second split. Futurity incentive (age 5 & under) with a $100 entry fee. To be eligible for futurity the horse must be 5 & under and have not competed in barrels prior to Nov 15 of the previous year.  There will be a Derby Incentive for horses age 7 & under with a straight pay $100 entry fee. To be Derby eligible your horse must be age 6 or 7 years of age. CONTESTANTS ENTERING A FUTURITY/DERBY MUST HAVE A COPY OF THEIR HORSES PAPERS ON FILE.

ALL side pots/incentives must be verified before the end of the race.  Once results are posted THEY WILL REMAIN. If you were missed in a side pot you paid for we will refund your money - PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK INFORMATION AT THE RACE.

RBR 5D: 5D RACE. $50 entry fee. We will run this race in 5D format with half-second splits. EXAMPLE: 15.0 (1D), 15.5 (2D), 16.0 (3D), 16.5 (4D), 17.0 (5D) 

Incentives for the  5D will be Junior (18 & under), Senior (50 & up)  $25 entry fee for 5D incentives.

NEW* If you win a check at any RBR tour race or sanctioned race and you do not receive it within a reasonable amount of time please email info@revolutionraces.com  Our new policy as of March 1, 2019 is to wait 14 business days to make sure you don't receive it later than normal.  After the 14 business day wait period, it is determined that it was lost, a new check will be reissued for the original amount.  You will be sent a form by email to sign and return to us by email before the new check will be issued.  

If you have any questions please reach out to info@revolutionraces.com at any time! 

Winnings cannot be mailed until you have provided us with a signed W 9-form with your address, social security number, and signature. Please fill one at the race. There is also one here on the website under the Forms tab.  Please return those by mail to:

Revolution Barrel Racing

P. O. Box 1617

 Pilot Point Texas 76258


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